Nutrition Seminars

Nutrition Seminars give you the knowledge you need to achieve your goals...

Discover the optimal nutrition strategies for losing unwanted body fat, increasing your metabolism, and skyrocketing energy levels!

Seminars are help at active4less and run for approximately 1 hour on Mondays and Fridays.

Some of the topics covered:

The importance of optimum nutrition

Digestion and absorption of the nutrients

Digestive enzymesNutrition Seminars


Its not what you eat its what you absorb

Food allergy and intolerances

Micro nutrients and macro nutrients






Energy source


Nutritional Seminars are FREE with our Premier Memberhip.

Membership includes

FREE drinks every visit including protein and water


FREE Park Active outdoor circuit training course


FREE fitness programmes to help with your goals

FREE body fat assessments

with printed summary


FREE small group personal

training sessions



FREE weight management